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Grounded in Excellence: Ajrena Foods Limited, Nigeria’s Premier Peanut Butter Manufacturer. Your Source for Finest Groundnut Sourcing and Processing.
Unearth the Essence of Groundnut Brilliance. Elevate Your Brand with Our Private Labeling Business. Since 2018, We’ve Been Grounding Perfection in Every Nutzy Jar.

A Groundnut Sourcing & Processing Company

With extensive expertise in groundnut processing, Ajrena Foods Limited has the ability to produce bespoke peanut-based products specific to the needs of any business.

Nutzy Peanut Butter

Nutzy Peanut Snacks

Nutzy Chocolate Spread

Our Story

Peanut Butter Pioneers: Crafting Nutzy, Elevating Tastes.

Ajrena Foods Limited was established in 2018 as a groundnut sourcing and processing company.

We are the largest manufacturer and exporter of quality Peanut Butter & Paste in Nigeria.

Our brand – Nutzy is available in both jars (510gm & 227gm) and single-serve 15gm sachets. We have 4 flavours (Creamy Smooth, Extra Crunchy, Chocolate and Honey).

We are also accepting requests from clients for PRIVATE LABELLING BUSINESS in Peanut Butter.


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Fresh & Healthy

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100% Organic

Wholesome Nature Commitment


The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

Welcome to Our Farm, where nature thrives and sustainability resides. Explore the heart of our harvest – a sanctuary of pure, natural goodness. Here, we cultivate the essence of sustainability, crafting a home where the land and its bounty coexist harmoniously. Join us on a journey through our commitment to providing you with the finest, naturally grown products. Discover the taste of authenticity, where every harvest tells a story of care for the earth and respect for the future. This is more than a farm; it’s a legacy of natural, sustainable living.


Our Story

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As a chef, I'm always on the lookout for premium ingredients. Nutzy Peanut Butter has elevated my recipes to a whole new level. The natural, sustainable approach of Ajrena Foods shines through in every jar. It's more than an ingredient; it's a culinary companion that never disappoints.
Ngozi E. - Culinary Artist
Nutzy Peanut Butter has become a staple in my daily routine. The rich, authentic flavor reflects the care Ajrena Foods puts into their sourcing and processing. It's not just a spread; it's a commitment to health and quality. Nutzy, you've earned a permanent spot in my pantry!
Chijioke A. - Fitness Aficionado
Nutzy has become a family favorite in our household. Knowing that it's sourced and processed with care gives me confidence in the quality. The variety of flavors suits everyone's taste, and the convenience of single-serve sachets is a game-changer. Ajrena Foods, you've won our hearts and taste buds!
Jide O. - Proud Parent & Nutzy Advocate

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