Nutzy Peanut Butter

Our range of delicious Nutzy Peanut Butters are made from only the best locally sourced Nigerian Groundnuts, Honey, Cocoa and Chili Pepper so they are incredibly fresh, deliciously pure, and bursting with wholesome nutty goodness.

Nutzy is available in both jars (510g & 227g) and single-serve 15g sachets. We have 5 flavours (Creamy, Crunchy, Chocolate, Honey and Hot & Spicy).

The product is produced in a fully automated Lagos based food factory using carefully selected and microbiologically tested groundnuts from across the country. The product contains 90+% peanuts, has an 18-month shelf life, doesn’t require refrigeration and is calorie-dense. Our packaging (sachets and jars) are also easy to transport.

Nutzy Peanut Butter is also incredibly versatile. It can be spread on bread, used in cooking or baking, dipped in fruits and vegetables and can also be eaten straight. Please visit to find out more!