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Dive into the world of Ajrena with our exquisite range. From Creamy Smooth to Extra Crunchy, discover the perfect blend of flavor and goodness. Explore Our Products today!

The Freshest.
No cholesterol.

Ajrena Foods Limited stands as a beacon of excellence in the peanut industry, specializing in highly nutritious and delectable peanut products, including our flagship product, Nutzy Peanut Butter. Established in 2018, our extensive collection includes a range of flavors like Creamy Smooth, Extra Crunchy, Chocolate, and Honey.


Infection-Free Assurance.

Fresh & Healthy

Energize with Freshness.

100% Organic

Wholesome Nature Commitment.

Creamy Smooth Peanut butter - 510g, 227g, 15g

Extra Crunchy Peanut butter - 510g, 227g, 15g

Chocolate Peanut Spread - 510g, 227g, 15g

Honey Peanut butter - 510g, 227g

Coconut Peanut Snacks - 25g

Coconut Peanut Snacks - Family Pack - 400g

Coconut Peanut Snacks - Senior Pack

Pure Peanut Paste

Caramelized Peanuts

Peanut Butter as raw materials - 5KG pack

Roasted Peanuts as raw material - 40KG pack

Nutzy has become a family favorite in our household. Knowing that it’s sourced and processed with care gives me confidence in the quality. The variety of flavors suits everyone’s taste, and the convenience of single-serve sachets is a game-changer. Ajrena Foods, you’ve won our hearts and taste buds!

Emily S. - Mom & Nutzy Lover

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